Common Questions Answered by Dr. Yacoob

  • What is your theoretical orientation?

    My orientation is cognitive behavioral, and I sometimes draw from other approaches to best suit the needs of each individual. These other approaches include schema, psychodynamic, mindfulness-based and meaning-based therapies.
  • Who do you usually treat?

    My practice is diverse, but I find that the majority of my patients are in their 20s to 50s age and are coming to treatment for help with anxiety and/or depression as well as career and/or relationship concerns. Many of my patients are new to CBT or want a different approach after being in traditional talk therapy.
  • How long do I need to be in therapy?

    Treatment duration typically depends on your goals and motivation. Research suggests that many individuals with acute symptoms and specific goals make good progress within 16-24 sessions of CBT.
  • What if I don't know what my goals are or how to describe my issues?

    I can help you through this part. You don’t need to be completely clear about this before coming in, but if you are, that’s okay too. Our initial sessions will be devoted to helping make sense of what is going on for you. We will work together to clarify what it is that you want out of treatment. And then I will lay out a plan to get there.
  • Can you help me?

    I will do my best to collaborate with you and help alleviate your distress using evidence-based interventions and lending a supportive ear.  My objective is not only to reduce your symptoms, but also to find a way to actually improve the quality of your life.
  • Do you take insurance?

    I have a fee for service practice, which means that the full fee is paid at the time of the visit. However, if your insurance policy allows for out of network provision, I will provide you with a statement each month and will help you fill out the required insurance form.
  • Would you like to ask Dr. Yacoob another question or two?

    Call her at 917.740.5363 and she will gladly answer them.
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